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Le Bailliage du Greater Washington, DC Chapter

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Georgetown Club Inductions & Sommelier Competition

March 8, 2008

The Historic Georgetown Club in Washington, DC was the site of the Mondiale Super Regional Young Sommelier Events and induction ceremony for new members of both the Washington DC Bailliage and Société Mondiale du Vin the weekend of March 7th. The splendor of the evening was further enhanced by the presentation of the Chaine Silver Star of Excellence to Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Henry Greenwald, the Chaine Bronze Star of Excellence to Bailli Steven Greenwald, and the Mondiale Silver Star to Echanson Provincial Antonio Busalacchi, in recognition of their contributions to La Chaine and Mondiale.

The weekend began with a wine education event on The Deductive Method to Blind Tasting and Food Pairing which was taught by two of the Master Sommelier Judges, Matt Citriglia and Brian Koziol. In addition, Grand Echanson des Etats-Unis Dan Gulbronsen, and Echanson Provincial Antonio Busalacchi, were in attendance for this event. Approximately 10 different wines were provided along with light hors d'oeuvres. Every table had an opportunity to participate in deducing which wine was being tasted and were guided in their efforts by the Master Sommeliers with humor and good cheer. This event set the stage for the Young Sommelier Competition the next day which was followed by a delightful banquet prepared by Executive Chef Richard McCreadie.

Dan Gulbronsen and Antonio Busalacchi set a warm and welcoming tone at the reception following the conclusion of the Young Sommelier competition. The pepita-crusted shrimp with chipotle pepper rémoulade was followed by tuna tartar with red onion relish and enhanced by the Heidsieck, Monopole, Brut, Blue Top.

Adam Curling winner of the Mid-Atlantic Young Sommelier competition and Yannick Benjamin winner for the Northeast region received their medals amidst enthusiastic applause and admiration for their accomplishments. New members inducted into the Bailliage of Greater Washington by Dan Gulbronsen and welcomed by Henry Greenwald were Michael M. Barch, T.J. Jubeir, Kelly Freeman and Judith Mazza. Inducted into Société Mondiale du Vin was Dame de la Châine Ruth Morelli of the Philadelphia Bailliage and Chevalier Michael M. Barth, Chevalier Paul Haar and Dame de la Châine Judith Mazza of the Bailliage of Greater Washington. The inductees of la Société Mondiale raised their glasses and took the oath with good cheer. Once these ceremonies were concluded we walked through the historic Georgetown Club upstairs to the lovely dining room and the banquet which awaited us.

The meal began with a thyme-scented yellow tomato soup enhanced by a pesto of red ribbon sorrel. This was paired with a Riesling Kabinett, S.A. Prűm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, 2006. This was followed by the lobster and porcini risotto which was paired with a vanilla beurre blanc. The risotto was delightfully paired with a 2005 Chardonnay, Four Hearts Vineyard, Russian River Valley.

Our palates were cleansed with a watermelon and pink peppercorn granita. This was both refreshing and spicy and prepared us for the next course. The organic farmed rack of lamb with artichoke mashed potatoes and lamb jus was complemented by the Syrah Arrowood, Saralee’s Vineyard, Russian River, 2002.
Although sated, we made room for the delicious dessert of Manjari chocolate and pistacio marquuise rasberry coulis and praline sphères. The dessert was complemented by the Cockburn 10 year old tawny port. It was a fine finish to a most wonderful evening.

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